What is Business Intelligence?

Business intelligence combines data mining, business analytics, data tools, data visualization, and infrastructure to help organizations make more data-driven decisions. It gives you a comprehensive view of your company data that you can use to eliminate inefficiencies, drive change, and adapt to market changes.

With the growing need for Business Intelligence, not having a BI Strategy is not an option. You could be losing the competitive edge, losing market share, and a hundred other key opportunities. Black Belt Solutions helps organizations capitalize on the power of data analytics with strategy optimization and forecasting, customer analytics, performance research, and advanced reporting.

Business Intelligence Strategy

Potential Value to Target With Your Business Intelligence Strategy

A smart BI strategy allows you to address a variety of data issues and needs, as well as develop and maintain a cohesive system. This translates into multiple real-life business benefits including;

Insight into Customer Behavior

A solid business intelligence strategy gives you the ability to analyze consumer buying trends. It gives you a better understanding of customer behavior, allowing you to develop products that match consumer needs and improve profitability.

Faster Access to Data

It takes an average of two days to receive an IT-generated report. But what if you could access that data with the touch of a button? That’s what BI Strategy does. It gives you faster access to data, which is important when decisions have to be made right away. This in turn boosts revenue.

Data-Driven Business Decisions

One of the biggest mistakes companies make is basing their decisions on what they think will happen rather than real facts. A BI Strategy gives companies the data they need to make the right decisions like what products to discontinue and which ones to market more.

Increased Organizational Efficiency

Business intelligence gives you a holistic view of your operations, allowing you to identify the best areas of opportunity and improve productivity. You can leverage a BI Strategy to share information across departments, optimize the allocation of resources, and more.

Gain Competitive Intelligence

Who are you are competitors? What are they doing and can you improve on it? These are a few of the questions a BI Strategy can help you answer. The knowledge empowers your company to make better decisions, anticipate customer needs, adapt to seasonal changes in the market, and keep up with industry changes.

Unlock New Levels of Success with Our Improved Business Intelligence Consultancy

One thing that differentiates Black Belt Solutions is our focus on solutions that draw the right data and eliminate the bad. We use a unique approach to create a Business Intelligence Strategy that works.

Step 1: Assess the Current Business Intelligence Ecosystem

You need a baseline to know where you are headed.

We talk to all the players in your current BI ecosystem – department managers, stakeholders, users, and the IT team. The goal is to answer a series of questions like;

  • Do you have a BI vision and how does it align with your corporate and IT strategy?
  • What solutions are you using and what value do they have?
  • How coordinated are your BI players and is there function overlap?
  • How do you handle data management and data governance?

Our business intelligence analysts also compile a SWOT analysis to identify your main assets and opportunities.

Step 2: Create the Business Intelligence Vision

Give your strategy a purpose and direction. There is no strategy without a vision. It gives your team a sense of direction by manifesting itself in crucial decisions. With this in mind, we create a BI vision statement that includes information like:

  • Who will be in charge of the BI processes?
  • How will we deliver and support BI solutions?
  • What type of infrastructure will we provide?
  • How will the BI Strategy align with your corporate and IT strategy?

Step 3: Establish Governance Processes

Business Intelligence governance is about defining the scope and implementing BI infrastructure. Governance processes are made up of three components i.e. a BI governance team, design and development of BI infrastructure, and user support.

  • BI Governance Team: We involve people from different levels and define their roles, responsibilities, goals, relationships, and functions
  • BI Tools and Lifecycle Management: We create a framework for supporting BI efforts.
  • User Support: We train your team, set up a feedback process, and determine how to address issues quickly and efficiently. Our user support frameworks cover data education, business, and tool support.

Step 4: Build a Business Intelligence Roadmap

We create a roadmap for implementing your BI strategy.

The roadmap highlights deliverables at different stages of the strategy implementation. It helps business leaders visualize all areas of the BI strategy including analytics, adoption, and training.

Step 5: Effective Business Intelligence Strategy Implementation

We use the guidelines laid out in the roadmap to implement your new BI strategy. The process starts with design a work breakdown structure that ensures every step is identified, scheduled, and budgeted for. We work with the right people in your organization, and keep you informed as the project unfolds.

Building End-to-End Business Intelligence Strategies

Business Intelligence & Data Strategy

The ability for your business to access, analyze and visualize your data is critical to making informed decisions. Data sources include your internal systems, like an ERP as CRM, as well as your vendor or partners systems. All established data sources need to be organized in a meaningful way in order to be transformed into the KPI’s, reports and dashboards that your team needs.

Black Belt solutions provides the thought leadership and execution ability for the Data Integration and Business Intelligence lifecycle, including:

  • Documenting the available data sources & their integration options
  • Establishing the integration with data sources via code or low-code solutions
  • Routing the data sources directly to your core systems or to an external data storage environment
  • Visualizing the data via informative reports and dashboards

Black Belt Solutions support the following leading technologies:

  • Microsoft SQL Server & Power Platform

  • Power BI

  • Tableau

  • Salesforce Einstein Analytics

  • DiscoverOrg

  • Qlik

  • Zapier

Why Choose Black Belt Solutions for Your Business Intelligence Strategy?

Experienced and Trusted Business Intelligence Consultants

All our team members are experts and specialists in the business intelligence field.

100% Vendor Independent

We pride ourselves on putting our clients first. We serve your interests and yours alone.

Business Intelligence Tools

We support different the best BI tools such as Tableau and QlikView to help manage and support data with real-time insights.

Proven Track Record

We have helped hundreds of brands streamline their processes to drive growth, increase efficiency and improve profitability.

Business Intelligence Consultancy You Can Trust

A good Business Intelligence Strategy allows you to gradually achieve your business objectives by optimizing current processes, creating a data-driven business, and creating top-notch products.

Are you curious about what our BI Strategy service can do for your organization? Do you need help creating a BI vision and roadmap? Contact Black Belt Solutions today to discuss your business needs.

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