What is Business Process Automation?

Business Process Automation (BPA) is the utilization of technology to seamlessly combine procedures and policies into a business’ system environment and your staff’s everyday activities. BPA reduces repetitive tasks and routine decisions. Thus, it maximizes your employees’ efforts for decisions best-suited to their expertise.

At Black Belt Solutions, we enable you to automate business processes with ease and confidence. This is by providing the most suitable long-term business process automation for you. Our solutions are adaptable, scalable, and secure.

Business Process Improvement Consulting

Our Business Process Automation Solutions

Cloud Workflow Solutions

Third-party applications, workflow disconnects, and data entry can form gaps between systems. This necessitates manual tasks for data moving. BPA’s integrated cloud workflow solutions eliminate these by streamlining processes, capturing data, and uniting your systems.

Enterprise Document Management

Enterprise document management removes the cumbersome tasks associated with paper processes. As a result, you’ll improve how your team collaborates and works while also allowing your business to reach new levels of productivity.

Forms Management

Form management solutions enable you to get added value from business forms by automating and integrating their retrieval, workflow, and storage.

AP/AR Processing

Our AP/AR processing solutions help remove the strain from your staff or support your current team with quicker processing and improved accessibility to your data.

Is It Necessary to Automate Business Processes?

Increase Customer Satisfaction

Business automation helps you focus on process and operational excellence. This enables you to exceed customer expectations with ease.

Better Clarity

Business automation provides more clarity to your business. It helps you know the tasks associated and the team members accountable for running the tasks.

Serve as a Training Resource

Business process automation can act as a valuable training resource. The insights from examining an automated process can distinctly reveal weaknesses in your system.

Support for Digital Transformation

By beginning with a few processes that are unquestionably in need of course improvement and progressively work your way up, business process automation can result as a stepping-stone to adopting that culture of continuous transformation.

Standardize Operations

Business automation provides a uniform pattern of outcomes always. This can help place your organization to be seen as reliable. The result of this will be an increase in your customers.

Obtain Compliance Records

Each detail of your process is recorded in business process automation. You can obtain these records to prove compliance in audits.

Streamline Processes

Business automation results in streamlined processes thus enabling businesses to provide faster turnaround times, clear accountability, valuable insights, quicker elimination of unproductive activities, and increased concentration on improving tasks that add value.

What Makes Our BPA Solutions Stand Out?


At Black Belt Solutions, we imply the most beneficial practices and offer the most desirable talent on-board. This enables us to provide the most efficient and technically superior solutions to our clients.

Our business analysts strive to provide excellent business process automation services all over. Our experienced business developers are deeply knowledgeable on how to handle end-to-end business process automation software. You can rest assured that we can build a superior product for your business.


Our experienced and well-equipped developers imply the latest cutting-edge technology to deliver unparalleled solutions.

Client Satisfaction

At Black Belt Solutions, our client-first approach enables us to focus on producing winning solutions for every client. We’re committed to offering each client more value for their money. This means we take complete ownership and responsibility for each project to put you ahead of your competition.


Our team operates relentlessly to guarantee timely and error-free delivery.


At Black Belt Solutions, our teams work together with clients to ensure that they deliver outstanding solutions. This helps us build long-term relationships with clients.

Proven Process

Black Belt’s business developers have built various full-blown business software solutions for several clients. Whether you require software for processing customer data, handling contacts, or performing any other form of business automation, you can count on us to produce a reliable and effective platform for you.

Business Process Automation Benefits You Don’t Want to Forego

Business automation processes come with many benefits, including:

Better Workforce Allocation

With business process automation tools, you can re-allocate your staff into tasks that require human effort and judgment. The business automation tools will handle all normal repetitive tasks.

Improved Handling of Errors

Business automation helps you monitor for errors and fix them as they happen. This is thanks to performance reports which give you the ability to monitor processes on the go. They also provide important insights for you to take precautionary actions against common errors.

Enhanced Productivity

Business process automation tools such as cloud-based solutions help you access data from any location or device. They store your data in a central database, boosting productivity in your business.

Improved Turnaround Times

With business process automation, you’ll notice faster TATs and cost reduction due to less manual interventions.

Improved Collaboration

With business process automation you’ll seamlessly connect internal employees or the customer.

Better Customer Experience

Business automation enables you to track your customer actions. This will help you know how to interact with them through their preferred channels.

Improved Transparency

With business process automation solutions, your business processes will become more accountable and transparent since you can monitor and track processes while they are ongoing.

Business Process Automation Software

Business Process Automation

When a process has achieved a high level of maturity and produces highly consistent results, the next logical step is to explore automating some or all of that process. Automating these activities eliminate low value work and allows an organization to repurpose their team members.

Black Belt Solutions delivers a turnkey solution for automating process, from design to development to implementation. Black Belt Solutions has established expertise in the leading software-as-a-service providers (SaaS) and teams that include Solutions Architects, Business Analysts and Developers.

The Key technologies that Black Belt Solutions supports are:

  • Microsoft Dynamics 365

  • Salesforce & Pardot

  • HubSpot

  • Oracle Netsuite

  • Prodoscore

  • Intuit Quickbooks

  • Marketo

  • FinancialForce

Optimize Your Business Process Workflows with Us

Business advance fast, and staying ahead needs workflow solutions that propel your current processes into streamlined functions that can happen concurrently, minimize paperwork, and following the workflow process to recognize possibilities for advancement and evaluate effectiveness.

If you require a professional business process automation company or would like to inquire more about our services, be free to contact us by calling 1-813-325-9676 or emailing us via Sales@BlackBeltSolutions.us.

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