What is Business Process Improvement?

Business processes are the foundation of any organization. They define how tasks are done, and how they respond to internal and external pressures. However, companies stand to lose significant revenue if these processes are unclear and inefficient. The good news is business process improvement is within your reach, regardless of your size or industry.

Business process improvement refers to a systematic review, analysis, and improvement of business processes to increase productivity, optimize performance, or simply improve user-experience. Our consultants provide BPI solutions designed to provide your company with the awareness, knowledge, and skills needed to drive growth.

Business Process Improvement Consulting

Why Your Business Needs BPI

If you’ve always relied on the same processes, it’s time you adopted business process improvement. It’s the only way to identify opportunities for increased efficiency and reap a few core benefits including:

Improved Productivity

Simple activities like running reports and filling forms take hours on a system with limited capabilities.

Employees spend more than 500 hours on tasks that can be easily automated. Introducing a custom application or new software to automate these tasks can leave your workforce free to focus on other aspects of the job.

Drive Better Customer Service and Profitable Growth

Maintaining customer satisfaction is the best way to maintain profitable growth, and BPI helps with that. By cutting down time spent on administrative tasks and upgrading your technology, BPI gives your employees greater capacity to focus on real-time collaboration with customers. They have more time to respond to customer requests, customize solutions faster, and build proposals.

Employee Satisfaction

Business process improvement helps motivate employees to work harder and focus on job functions they care about. Smoother procedures lead to a happier workforce, thus improving proving productivity and revenue.

Legal Compliance

BPI implements a flexible system to handle end-to-end compliance so you never have to worry about unforeseen penalties. As your BPI consultant, we document company-related procedures, internal controls, and policies. Building compliance into your organization creates transparency and implements regulatory requirements.

Business Agility

Business process improvement allows for nimble processes that adapt to changing business needs. It eliminates the need to reinvent and focuses on flexible processes that evolve with your organization.

Reduced Risk

Humans are prone to making errors when doing data entry, transferring information from one system to another, or doing calculations. Process improvements can help automate manual tasks and reduce the risk of fraud.

Technology Integration

Business Process Improvement bridges the gap between IT and users. Thanks to BPI, companies focus more on processes and the applications that support them.

Our Process: How Our Business Process Improvement Works

Every business process is crucial to the success of a company. As such, Black Belt Solutions strives to deliver meaningful BPI solutions throughout the full lifecycle. We use a unique approach that includes:

Business Process Documentation

We start by mapping the current business processes, identifying areas of weakness, and redesign the process. We use graphing software and workplace applications to get a birds-eye view of how your company works and makes it easier to identify any inefficiencies.

Business Process Analysis

Once we have documented your process, we start analyzing it. Some of the questions we aim to answer at this stage include:

  • What steps take longer than they should?
  • Are some steps more financially straining than others? If so, why and how?
  • Are there any delays or missed deadlines? What are the primary reasons for that?
  • What steps have the biggest impact on productivity? Are there ways to make them more efficient?

Business Process Recommendations

Based on our findings, we provide recommendations on how to optimize your processes. We redesign the process and create a custom strategy by working with field-level employees. We also perform a business process analysis to account for anything that could go wrong. Defining the scope of changes lets you know exactly what impact the strategy will have on your company.

Key Performance Indicator Recommendations

We break down your BPI strategy into measurable goals and provide a way to ascertain the extent to which they’ve been achieved. This is where key performance indicators come in. They play a critical role in measuring the performance of specific processes. We provide recommendations for both short-term and long-term key performance indicators.

Change Management to Implement the New Process

Improving business processes always involves making some changes. Whether it’s hiring new team members or organize training or acquire new software, rolling out these changes needs to be done just right. That’s why we make it a priority to guide your team through the change process and build the capabilities needed for continued success.

Why Partner With Us for Business Process Improvement?

Proven Track Record

Black Belt Solutions is a leading BPI consultant with a track record of proven results. We provide superior solutions to companies around the globe, helping them streamline their processes and drive profitable growth.

Full-Service Consultancy

Our team boasts deep expertise in different enterprise functions including procurement, IT, HR, and supply chain. This insight allows us to assess your processes, and prioritize improvement opportunities that will generate the greatest returns for your business.

Process Specialization

Your knowledge of the process coupled with our business process improvement methodology puts your business on the fast-track to sustainable results. We can also offer business process improvement examples of past clients to help know what to expect.

Sophisticated Workflow Modelling and Analysis

We are adept at identifying hidden costs and operational bottlenecks caused by inadequate processes, policies, people/skills, and technologies.

Robust and Effective Approach

We have one of the fastest, auditable, and most robust approaches on the market. Our structured project management, analysis, and implementation processes are designed to deliver improved service levels, sustainable cost reduction, and other tangible results.

Balanced Focus

Our balanced focus on people, process, policy, and technology allows us to not only improve our clients’ processes but also manage change, lift operational performance and provide access to knowledge.

Improve Business Processes With Us

It’s easy to brush off business process improvement especially you are a new company. But that is a mistake you don’t want to make. Process improvements are what will propel your company’s growth and drive sustainability. Partner with Black Belt Solutions today to discuss and implement a BPI strategy.

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